Terms & Conditions

Course Selection

It is the responsibility of the parent enrolling their child in summer school to ensure that the class selected can be taken for credit at their home school. If you are unsure which classes are suitable for your child, please email summerschool@lcfef.org or speak with your child’s school counselor.


Refund Policy

Tuition, minus a $50.00 handling fee, will be returned for any reason, providing the request is made in writing prior to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 3, 2021. Requests may be made via e-mail to sscoordinator@lcfef.org. After that date, the LCFEF Summer School Board of Directors will consider a 50% refund (minus a $100.00 handling fee) for a verified death in the family or a verified student illness or injury (doctor’s note required) which precludes a student from attending Summer School, providing the request is made prior to the first day of Summer School. No refunds for any reason will be given or considered outside of this policy.


Terms of Registration

Registration is not complete until the 22-question registration form, including relevant health and medical information, is submitted. This form also includes parent signatures agreeing to the Summer School Conduct Contract and Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement. You will automatically be prompted to this form following completion of payment.


Attendance Policy

There are no excused absences in summer school. When enrolled in a full year, 5-week course, students are not allowed more than three (3) days of absence and no more than two (2) days may be in any one semester. Students taking one semester are allowed only 1.5 days of absence. Students who exceed these absences will be dropped from the class with no refund and no credit.


Grades, Transcripts, and Final Exam Policy

Weekly progress reports will be emailed to all students and parents. NO early final exams will be approved. A student may choose NOT to have a transcript sent to their home school. The student must complete a Do Not Report Grade form. The form must be signed by both the parent and student. Forms can be obtained from the Summer School Clerk or on the LCFEF website. The completed form must be returned to either the Summer School Clerk or the LCFEF office within three (3) days of the end of the course.


If you have other questions about summer school, please email ssclerk@lcfef.org.

Updated 2/17/2021

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